ANTIOXIDANT Cream Body Skincare Routine Eranos Beauty Anoteri Line

From our Eranos Beauty Anoteri Line is this luscious, fast absorbing antioxidant cream.

It hydrates and soothes the skin with Stellar Ingredients:

shea butter--boosts collagen production due to it's triterpenes compound. The plant  esters in shea butter are anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, thus helping to prevent acne. And it's non-comedogenic---won't clog pores

jojoba oil: promotes collagen synthesis, is a soothing emollient, non-comedogenic

squalane: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-oxidant.

glycerin: hydrates the stratum corner (outer layer of skin), improves skin barrier function, protects against skin irritants

avocado oil: high content of omega-3 fatty acids & Vitamin A, D, E, deeply nourishing and moisturizing 

Pamper your skin with our luscious, creamy, fast absorbing day cream!